RAO Health Training Center
"Excellence in Health Education"
RAO Health Training Center


RAO Health Training Center (HTC), NACTE registration number
HAS/110, is currently accepting applications for enrollment in our
Community Health Program.  RAO HTC currently offers  Certificate
in Community Health (NTA level 4).

Admission Requirements:

Community Health (NTA 4) - applicant must have a Certificate of
Secondary Education with at least a D in Biology and D in 3 other
Mode of application: All applications are processed through the
Institution.  You may request an emailed application through our
email address or download from our website.  You may mail your
application and relevant attachments to the address listed below
or email to raohtc@raocoop.org.  You can also apply online by
clicking the link below:

P.O. Box 42, Shirati
Rorya, Mara
Tanzania, East Africa