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"How we got started"
RAO hospital was founded in 1994, with the purpose of
rendering the best quality surgical treatment to all people in the
Mara Region.  RAO hospital did not have the personnel to meet
the demands during that time; however, over time RAO hospital
was blessed to have medical volunteers from all over the world
help alleviate some of the stress of the high medical demands.
As time progressed, the rapidly growing HIV/Aids epidemic
became a prominent issue in the region. The trials of lost loved
ones and orphaned relatives became a heartrending situation.
RAO hospital sought out ways to suppress the negative impact
of the pandemic; Consequently, Rural Aid Organization was
patented and officially registered as a non-governmental
organization in 2003.
In 2000, a group of women from within the community took
the lead role of identifying the most vulnerable children
(MVC) and assisted in providing food, clothing and shelter
for them.  What started out as a means of caring for
relatives soon became a community project. This group of
social workers became known as
RAO Women's group
History of RAO
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