RAO Hospital
"What we love to do and why!"
RAO hospital is a 50 bed facility that was born on October 17th, 1996.  The hospital is
located in Shirati village at the root of lake Victoria.  The hospital is registered under the
Private Hospital Regulation Act with a registration number 201001.
20,634 patients have been
seen and treated at RAO.  
The most frequently
performed procedures are
Gynecological, Thoracic and
general abdominal surgeries.

The hospital has about 50
employees; 33 medical
personnel and 17 general
service staff.  RAO Hospital
boasts an up-to-date
pharmacy, and modern style
meeting hall.
Pleas contact us directly for inquiries regarding clinical data and
Since the inception, the hospital has provided excellent adult and pediatric medical
services, major and minor surgical procedures and comprehensive Reproductive
Health clinics.
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