RAO Women's Group
"What we love to do and why!"
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RAOWG was created in 2000 out of a growing need for caretakers of children whose
parents were deceased.  What started as a local service for relatives soon became a
community calling.
Through local and foreign donations,
RAOWG is able to provide food shelter
and clothing to the most needy of
children.  These children are often
vulnerable to abuse, disease and
educational neglect.  RAOWG reaches
as many of the MVC as budget permits
to ensure that they can live a fruitful life.

At one time RAOWG was operating two
orphanages, but in an attempt for
community integration they currently
operate one; about 10 kilometers from
Shirati town.
RAOWG has numerous volunteers that work within the community helping to
strengthen families through psycho-social counseling and trainings.

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